An anthology of science fiction stories


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ISBN: 978-1-4523-4881-0


A chronicle of science fiction short stories with a bonus humor/satire at the end to leave the reader with a smile.  Though fiction, the science depicted in these stories never strays from the plausible and never fails to grip the reader with a sense of staring into the future.



"Good stories: up past midnight reading them!"

"Grabs one's attention and refuses to let go."

"Easy to identify with the characters."

"Excellent use of descriptive language without being stuffy."

"Looking forward to reading more!"



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Slipping Away 

by Noel Carroll

Published on four webzines: Aphelion, Dementia, The Outpost and WritersHood and in the magazine Lost Worlds. 


“I think it is a wonderful story. I found it engrossing and moving.”

“I hated that your astronaut played such a cruel trick on his comrades, but

it provides your story with a real kick in the end.”

Short Story Editor, Aphelion   




When you find and read this narrative, you will be literally addressing the past. You will not, I can safely tell you, be addressing me. I am in relapse now, and when it ends … well, whatever you get of the story, it is more than I was inclined to give even an hour ago. The meat of it is, I’m here now, "here" being where your ancestors sent us 48 years ago. What I found, however, is not what they expected us to find.

In the event you have mislaid our file, we are here as a result of a Hubble sighting in late 2013. The amplified spectrograph, new to us but probably ancient history to you, permitted us our first confirmation of a life-bearing planet. It orbits HR7698, is trillions of miles from you and contains, as you saw from Earth, an oxygen atmosphere, a sure sign of biological life. I am looking at it now; we are orbiting at an altitude of two hundred kilometers. I can see the deep blue of water and the pale haze of atmosphere. Weather systems as well--except for the alien topography, I could be orbiting Earth.

One other thing, and this bothers me, considering what I am about to do. There is evidence of civilized life. No cities, at least none that are obvious to my Earth-trained eyes, but here and there are large clearings, some by navigable rivers, wide and showing the deep blue of depth. On the dark side of the planet, I see flickers of light, maybe controlled but surely huge—even with the enlargers, I cannot say they are naturally occurring. What I can say is I will never get to meet whoever or whatever is down there.

Except for Natasha, but let me work up to that.