“Triggered my interest from the first page”

“Keen sense of pacing”

“Noel Carroll brings us into the cold corporate world with a new approach”

“Multilevel, at times frightening, conflict”

“Climaxes in a daring but intriguing scene”

AA Showcase Reviews

Originally published in hardcover by Hollis Books

Published in eBook format on Smashwords,

ISBN: 978-1-4523-1671-0

Also available in print under

ISBN: 0-9658702-0-0

   or ISBN-13 9780965870207


A young engineer takes his company's top secret listening device out for a little fun, a lark that plummets him into the midst of a deadly conspiracy.   In short order, he is embroiled in a circle of suspicion that has his company, the FBI, and a murderous Black Muslim group aimed against him.

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