About The Authors

The husband-and-wife team, Noel Carroll*, has published novels and short stories in two genres: thrillers and science fiction. An occasional third genre, humor/satire, permits them moments of relaxation between novels. They also engage in political commentary in the form of opinion editorials and the full-length non-fiction book, "If You Can Keep It." They share the feeling that answers to our nation's many problems lie in compromise, that neither side has an answer that could not use a touch of the other side's wisdom.

Retiring from business in 1985, the couple purchased a sailboat then spent their winters sailing the Caribbean from the Bahamas to South America. It was during this time that they began a writing career, one that continues to this day. All their works have received highly favorable reviews, many being awarded five-stars. They currently make their home in Ponce Inlet, Florida.

* a nom de plume (Noel and Carol also write under the names John Barr and N.C. Munson.)