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“Sometimes lighthearted, sometimes introspective,

always thought-provoking and attention engaging”

“Unique insights worthy of contemplation”

“Lingers in the heart and mind long after the book is

finished and set back upon the shelf”

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“The perfect gift for anyone who muses about the deeper issues of life”

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“A humorous quick read”

“Interesting approach”

“Amusing and thought provoking”


“I fell in love with it from the first paragraph”

“An interesting discourse”


Originally published in the U.K.

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Good questions to ask the next time the Big Guy calls you in for a chat.

“I tried to lighten up the conversation by talking about the Big Bang, the thing that got the whole universe going. But when I said, "It must’ve scared the hell out of you when it happened," God stared at me for a long time then woke me up.”

Harold is a simple man long troubled by doubts about what he should or should not believe. He fears the loss of his soul if he does not soon discover which of the world's "indisputable truths" are truly indisputable. One night, alone and distraught, he falls asleep to the most realistic dream he has ever had, a dream in which he is approached by the "Big Guy" come in person to address his pain. Not one to waste an opportunity, Harold hails him down then begins a nightly grilling.

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An irreverent but amusing look at the concept of the immortal soul,

where specifically it resides in the human body.

(Published on the British eZine, STEELCAVES)

“Andy Rooney could have performed this”


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(political commentary)

Benjamin Franklin, upon being asked what kind of government

the Continental Congress decided upon, replied:

“A republic, if you can keep it.”


"A fantastic and unparalleled job of capturing

in a nut shell problems confronting this nation today"

"Thoughtful, thought provoking, and very well organized”

“Should be required reading for all politicians

especially the CANDIDATES”

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Civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.

Arnold Toynbee, (1889 - 1975)

We are about to awaken from the American dream. This book is about the loss of a good thing, our country. It addresses the poor care we give to maintaining it, how we fail to appreciate the economic, social and even military "monsters" that collectively embody a crushing burden we are less and less able to bear.

It does not blame Republicans or Democrats or even politicians per se--politicians are prostitutes who will assume any position we require of them. It also does not blame the courts for being too lax (or too harsh), or the oil companies for their vigorous pursuit of profits and their resistance to energy alternatives. There is only one entity deserving of blame, and it lies closer to home. As said best by Walt Kelly through his cartoon character, Pogo: "We have met the enemy and them is us."

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