“Keen sense of pacing"

"Noel Carroll brings us into the cold corporate world with a new approach"

"Multilevel, at times frightening, conflict"

"Climaxes in a daring but intriguing scene"

AA Showcase Reviews

Originally published in hardcover by Hollis Books

Published in eBook format on Smashwords,

ISBN: 978-1-4523-1671-0

Also available in print under ISBN: 0-9658702-0-0

or ISBN-13 9780965870207

A young engineer takes his company's top secret listening device out for a little fun, a lark that plummets him into the midst of a deadly conspiracy. In short order, he is embroiled in a circle of suspicion that has his company,the FBI, and a murderous Black Muslim group aimed against him.

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“Masterfully engineered tale

First class dialogue, spine tingling action”

Book Pleasures Reviews

“Excellently crafted

Keeps you on the edge of your seat”


“Made me feel I was there”

“Describes a Cuba most of us will never see”

“A page turner”


"Reader engaged from opening lines"

"Startling and compelling plot"

"A well-written, mainstream story"


Published in eBook format on Smashwords

ISBN: 978-1-4523-5328-9

Also available in print under ISBN: 0-9658702-3-5

or ISBN-13: 9780965870238

"I worry that I won’t get all this down, that before I’m able to do so I’ll run out of either paper or life. In my current state of mind, I view the former with as much tragedy as I do the latter, since there would then be no way of telling the why of what happened, what it was that led Nicola and me to this. You see, we were pushed by separate demons."

Carl McCormic Longs to see Cuba, the land of his mother's birth. Opportunity arrives in a beautiful young woman who only recently fled the island. Anger smoldering within her, she wants him to smuggle her back in--to destroy the powerful father she left behind.

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“Quick-witted writing style."

"Keeps nails short and edges of seats warm"

eBooks NBytes

“Not sure what worries me more,

that I can actually see something like this happening in the world today,

or that I understand the president's action and partially agree.”

Roundtable Reviews

“Published in eBook format on Smashwords

ISBN: 978-1-4523-4856-8.

Also available in print under ISBN 13 9781496033796

A defeated president, obsessed with the thought that only he can save humanity.

STARVE THE DEVIL is a timely novel about Islamic fanaticism and one U.S. president’s covert effort to deal it a permanent blow. It is also about a young CIA agent who discovers the plot, sees only a government-sponsored atrocity, and goes all-out to defeat it. This is a powerful tale that will stir a rich soup of emotions then long linger in the mind afterward.

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“All the hallmarks of a great whodunit, international thriller”

“A multi-layered exercise in what excellent writing is all about”

“A most amazing read”

Midwest Book Review

“Strap on your shoulder harness and get ready for a non-stop thriller”

“Keep(s) you guessing until its final pages”

“Descriptive style…fluid pace”

“To all readers who enjoy fast paced action,

international intrigue and suspense, with a dash of romance.”

Scribes World

“An excellent out of this world romp”

“Chillingly believable”

“Gives this skeleton some meat that most mysteries don't usually take on”


“Nicely paced, well written”

“Keeps the reader guessing … well worth reading”

A. A. Showcase

Published in eBook format on Smashwords,

ISBN: 978-1-4523-6875-7

Also available in print under ISBN: 0-9658702-5-1

or ISBN-13 9780965870252

For Therese Elliott nightmare has gone beyond dream to gruesome reality. She is desperate in her need to know, not only what triggered the dream but why she finds it so impossible to let it go. And why she knows with a fatal certainty that, if it is not quickly sorted out, the Atlantis with her astronaut husband aboard will be sent crashing into the International Space Station.

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“Hang on to your hats, as this book will blow you away!”

“Picks up the reader from the first page”

“Non-stop action plot”

Midwest Book Review

“A fast paced thriller with a mesmerizing arc”

“Knits characters and scenarios expertly together into a woven tapestry

of an international political thriller”

eBooks NBytes

Published in eBook format on Smashwords

ISBN: 978-1-4523-3226-0

Also available in print under ISBN: 0-9658702-6-x

or ISBN-13 9780965870269

A wisp of steam, lightly dusted with ash, trickled upward

from the northwest crater of Soufrière Hills.

The volcano had officially awakened

An unlikely combination of events combine to provide the backdrop for an attack upon the Queen of England: a wayward satellite ending its life in a spectacular way, a young couple sailing too close to an active volcano, terrorists hiding out within the volcano’s Exclusion Zone awaiting the right moment to strike.

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